April 13, 2012

at 17 months

You love to be outside! I think you would  spend every waking moment outside if you could. You LOVE riding in your sisters' pink car and riding their princess scooter. I think maybe you're due for a boy car. You are fearless like your big sister Ella- there's nothing that you won't try to climb or jump off of. Your little legs are proof of that with lots of bruises and scrapes. You now notice when an airplane goes overhead and stare at it until it's out of sight.

You are wearing size 5 diapers. Clothes are 24 months for shirts and shorts but 2T in john johns and longalls. At least until your daddy follows through on his threat to throw out everything bubble and smocked and gingham and longall and jon jon related. But we both know that won't happen-I get to dress you until you're 3 and he can rest assured there will be no denim or khakis in your closet until at least then! 

Like your big brother and sisters, you have been slow in talking. You always knew what you were saying but we didn't. But, all of a sudden, you have really taken off with your words. You can say mama, dada, Ella, Mimi, "kaka" (cracker), cookie, go (said like goooooo), uh oh, baby, cheese, ball (said ba), pa-pa (paci)  and a few others I know I'm forgetting.
You are quite attached to your paci. You usually have one in your mouth and one in each hand. You are like a little addict. Just when I think I have gathered them all up, you'll find one from your secret stash somewhere. You are into EVERYTHING!!  At the end of the day, it looks like a tornado has hit our house. It is your mission to pull everything out!

I can't believe how fast you're growing up. We love you sweet boy!

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