July 30, 2005

Whatchya doin'? Why am I so happy? Look below.....
Impressive, no? My wildest dreams come true!


July 22, 2005

First Smiles- warning blurry due to hyperactive baby!

Uncle Chris and soon to be Aunt Madhur (and sister Chithra) Jack and Ashley and Jeremy Zeagler's wedding
The kissing bandit

July 8, 2005

My First Trip to Winona

Mimi has already said I'm way easier to take care of than mommy ever was.
Napping with aunt Heather - she's supposed to have her eyes closed too! No fair.......

Hanging with cousin Derek!

Another successful meal with my Nanny!

Mommy and me!

July 1, 2005

The First Month

These are some collected pictures from the first month - hope you like them!