April 29, 2009

Big Girl Bows

Bows are a very important part of a little girl's wardrobe. Well, at least in the South they are. The girls have started wearing the "big girl" size bows. That makes me very sad because it means they are growing up.

Kate had been playing in the Desitin-see the white glob on her cheek?

April 28, 2009

Texas Day 2- Space Center and a Park

Since Astrodad works at NASA we had to go to the Space Center.

While Stephen and the girls stayed back at the museum, Jack and I went on a little tour. Little did I know that it lasted 1 1/2 hours with very little access to a potty. He did great though and really liked it.

The actual Mission Control. There's not an active mission going on right now so there wasn't any action. Still neat to see, though. During our tour guide's little speech, Jack announced to everyone," I don't tink I wanna be an astonaut Mommy." 

Jack at the mock-up of the shuttle.

The ginormous Saturn 5 rocket. This used to be at the entrance to NASA but they moved it inside Rocket Park recently

After the Space Center,  we went to a beautiful park near Astrodad's house. The day before there was a horrible rainstorm that caused us to be stuck in a gas station parking lot for 2 hours thanks to a flash flood. The kids loved being able to run after being cooped up.

The kids and Aunt Eilene. She and Uncle Mike came from Goliad to visit. I really love both of them and it was so nice to see them.

It's hard to tear the boy away from the i-phone.

Obviously, the girls had about as much fun as they could handle. I think their faces say it all!

After I put the girls to bed, I heard them laughing hysterically. They were licking each other through the mesh. Shortly after, Kate had to be driven around to fall asleep. That happened for a couple of nights.

Texas Vacation-Day 1 {Vomit and Such}

We have never taken a trip with all 3 kids. Last week, we headed to Texas to visit Stephen's family. I was definitely nervous about driving such a long way with 3 children. All in all they did pretty well, but the trip there was a little rough. 
Heather came to see us off.

Kate and Jack taking a break from the car somewhere in Louisiana.

Finally...peace and quiet. After stopping to change Kate's clothes after a horrendous vomiting episode in Baton Rouge {never knew a 19 month old could throw up that much}, all 3 finally fell asleep. At this time, poor Kate was sitting on plastic bags in her car seat because of all the puke. Let's just say that it was so bad a new car seat was bought the next day!

The monsoon we had to drive through.

Texas State Line-YAY!!!

Finally, after approximately 12 hours in the car, 4 episodes of vomiting, 15 showings of Bolt, and a couple of Bud Lights later, the Bauch family made it to Houston.

April 15, 2009

Easter Pictures- Really Late

"That bunny rabbit brought all this stuff," Jack said.

Lovin' some chocolate!

Kate realized that there was candy in the eggs. Later, there was a trail of discarded eggs.

Jack and Stan trying to get the Elmo kite up.

That boy LOVES his Uncle Stan.

The best I could get of all 3.

April 14, 2009