September 28, 2006

A Visit to the Fair

If they would come just a little closer I could touch them.
You sure are a funny looking dog.....

I ate so much at the fair that my tummy popped out of my shirt!

September 25, 2006

We went and played with our neighbor Robert. He's a big boy-he's 5. We ran up and down the driveway and had some ice cream.
Every boy needs a stick.
This is me after my ice cream bar.
I thought I would help Daddy by doing some yard work.

I Hate Swings

We went to Shelby Farms on Sunday where I tried out the swings. At first, I thought I might like it.....

I quickly decided that the swing was NOT for me.

Uh-Oh, Spaghettios

Yummy yummy! This is delicious!

September 21, 2006


With my Mommy and Aunt Heather out of town for two days seeing "So You Think You Can Dance" in St. Louis (Dad says it's for pantywaists), my Dad asserted control and taught me how to @%*! BE A MAN!

The training included................


Eating with my mouth open and messy...........and no baths!



More women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Masculine sports like football..........and karate (boot to the head, punk, if you get near my animal crackers)!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA................This is all man, now..........the Triple B...........the Little Sexy..........learn to love it!

September 17, 2006

Mommy caught me doing some kind of crazy dance.

Opening and closing the front door provided at least 30 minutes of entertainment.
Mommy won't let me go outside. I'm so sad.

September 10, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

Heather and Stan came to Memphis today to go to the zoo to see the polar bears. As always, I was so happy to see her.
At the panda exhibit, a huge rainstorm came. I thought it was great-the world's biggest bathtub! I was determined to play in the rain. So Heather took off her shoes and played with me.
As you can see, we all got VERY wet. We had a good time,though. Poor Aunt Heather didn't get to see the polar bears. By the time we got around to them the rain had made them all go inside.

September 7, 2006

Check out my bed head.
My friend Kent came by last night. We loved looking out the big window.
Laughing like crazy at my silly daddy!

When Daddy watered the tree in the front yard, I got watered too.

September 3, 2006

Since the weather has been nice, we went to the zoo. Now I can walk some instead of just ride in my stroller.
Those monkeys were combing each other's hair, which was cute. One was also trying to take food out of his friend's mouth, which wasn't so cute.
Those polar bears sure are big. Two of them were fighting just like my dogs do.
A pretty bird. Mommy is deathly afraid of birds but she braved the free fly area so I could see all the beautiful birds. She only screamed once.
Brushing Daddy's teeth. I explained to him the importance of good dental hygeine.

Mimi, G, and Aunt Heather came for a visit today. Seeing that Heather is a speech pathologist, I thought I would impress her by playing my phonics basketball game.
Gosh, my Aunt Heather is funny.
Aunt Heather wanted to try out my ball pit. We found that it was a tight squeeze with both of us in it.

The Long Journey To The Bathtub

I'm going to my favorite place......

The bathtub!!!