October 21, 2009


Jack had his first soccer game in a couple of weeks because they had been rained out. He started off with a bang but when it came time to switch fields he got a little upset and preferred to stay at the field where his daddy was coaching. Not much soccer was played after that but I think next week will be great!

October 20, 2009

I Go To Dancing School

This year, my mom teaches a 2 year old class. So when we were in Winona last week, the girls went to class too. Ella liked it, Kate not so much. Neither one were real happy about their Mimi talking to other little girls.
Watching for the other dancing girls.

Ella and Caroline.
Ella stood on her "x" and never moved.

The Wizard of Oz

Kate sat right down with Dorothy like she was a long lost friend and never stopped smiling. Ella, on the other hand, wasn't so sure about sitting with all those strange people.

October 10, 2009

Cedar Hill Farm

We headed out to Cedar Hill Farm today. It was cold, wet, and muddy. Feeding animals, going to the pumpkin patch, corn maze, and playing on a tower of hay-fun times!!

Ella didn't like it.
Kate found her pumpkin.

Heading into the pumpkin patch.

Jack in the corn maze. He loved trying to answer the questions and seeing what "pap" {path} we would go on.

Running on top of the tower of hay.

October 9, 2009


We took a little trip to Nashville last weekend just to get out of town. Went to a park when we got there to let the kids run around for while. Jack was obsessed with staying in the hotel. Don't know why. He would have just stayed there the whole time if he could have.

One of the reasons we went to Nashville-for me to see The September Issue. It was great! Of course, it opened in Memphis today. Oh well, I saw it again.

More Nashville

On our second day in Nashville, we went to the Opryland Hotel and finished up at the park. While the kids weren't real impressed with the hotel, I thought it was beautiful. I had never understood why people would spend so much money to stay there but I guess I do now. It really is pretty.

A mini Grove right next to the park there we were at. The Rebels were in town to play Vandy. Kate saw Colonel Reb and said Hotty Toddy. Although it sounded more like "Ha Ta."

Teton Trek at the Memphis Zoo

The kids and I went to the zoo Tuesday to see the new Teton Trek. It is fabulous!! There is a big lodge with an fountain in front that is like Old Faithful. Needless to say they loved that. There are bears, wolves, elk, and other stuff I can't remember.
The best I could do of all 3.

Kate deep in thought.
The three amigos waiting on the fountain to come back on.

The back of the lodge. All of that grassy area is where the bears are, complete with their own trout pond.
One of the bears.
Everybody was so happy to be on the tram.