November 27, 2007

Jack in his favorite place to sleep- Mommy and Daddy's bed.

Sweet little girls.

Jack and his sisters. He's always called Kate "Tate", but now he calls Ella "Ella boo-boo." We're not sure where he came up with that.

November 25, 2007

Sweet Sleeping Babies

Jack and Ella sharing a crib and a smile.

Little Smile from Ella

Haircut Before

I got a haircut in Winona. This is the before shot.

Haircut After

My Favorite People

Heather and Stan, my very favorite people in the whole wide world. While we were in Winona, I hardly even spoke to my Mommy and Daddy. I was super-glued to Heather the whole week.

Carriage Ride

On Friday night we went to Grenada for a carriage ride around the square. It was VERY cold. I had on my long pajamas under my clothes. Heather and Stan went with us.

Christmas Card Picture Attempt

One of the Christmas picture attempts. Shortly after this picture he said, "I want all done." So we were.
Kate's flirty smile.

November 19, 2007

Fun at School

Aidan and I liked playing in the middle of the easel. The reflection of the flash is annoying but Mommy thought it was a cute picture anyway.
Landon decided to join in the fun.

Jack, Maggie, and Landon check out the train table.

Thanksgiving Feast

We had a Thanksgiving feast at preschool on Friday. I had made my own placemat, placecard, and napkin ring. I refused to wear my pilgrim hat though.
Mimi came to the feast too.

Santa Sighting

Jack surprised us this year and sat on Santa's lap at the Germantown tree lighting. He wasn' t crazy about it though.
Kate and Ella saw Santa too. They didn't sit on his lap because of my fear of germs from all the other kids.

The girls haven't had a picture together in a while so here they are.

Smiles from Kate

November 12, 2007

Astrodad came for a visit this past weekend. We call him that because he works at NASA. This is the only picture we took all weekend. Mommy and I did not intentionally color-coordinate.


Ella may be a thumb sucker. We've caught her like this several times.


Mom.....enough with the camera!!
The tail end of a smile. They're hard to catch on camera.

After our naps, big brother Jack and I spent some quality time together.

I had some tummy time this afternoon in hopes of preventing flat head syndrome. I enjoyed it at first

Mommy, I'm tired of this.

Ahhh....This is better!!

November 8, 2007

My best Superman impression. Or as I call him, Soupman.

Brotherly Love

Mommy found me trying to give Kate kisses while she was in the swing. I really love my sisters. But shortly after this picture was taken, she caught me trying to launch her into the stratosphere by pushing the swing really hard.

Kate was wearing a dress for the first time today. She looked pretty cute, ya think? Gymboree only had one of these so the girls have to share. Ella is still a little too small for it so Kate got it first.

Ella didn't have a dress, but she has a new outfit on too!

November 5, 2007

Ella got to try out the new mini Boppy today. She thought it was pretty cool.
Check out those cheeks! We think she's storing fomula for the winter.

Justa Swingin'

Kate tried out the swing today. She obviously liked it alot. We're going to have to get another one because Ella liked it just as much.

November 4, 2007

Trick or Treat

To the great disappointment of my daddy, I refused to wear my Superman costume on Halloween. So I just wore my skeleton t-shirt that Lizzie gave me. This was Ella and Kate's first trick or treat experience. Kate did not enjoy it-she cried the whole time.
Batman (Robert), Kitty (Ivy), and Hannah Montana (Brooke) came over and we went trick or treating together.