March 24, 2007

Daddy has been off for several days. Yesterday we shared cookies while playing outside.

Karin gave Mommy this noodle pillow so she could sleep better at night. My siblings are already making it hard to get comfortable. I love it just as much as Mommy does. I like to sit in the middle of it and watch cartoons.

March 21, 2007

It's Finally Spring!!

Just a cute picture of me. Mommy says I look ready to play tennis at the country club.
I've learned a new word. Whenever the camera comes out, I yell cheese.

I can now walk down the steps by myself holding onto the rail. This is something I like to do ALOT!

I invented a new game today. It's called "throw the ball against the steps and it will bounce back to you." Mommy thinks it's a great game because she doesn't have to chase the ball down the driveway a million times. Which is hard to do when you're carrying triplets.

March 18, 2007

Mommy and I went to the Children's Museum. Wouldn't you know that at the play area I found a ball.
I'll cheat a little and just push the ball up through the net.

Washing dishes in the pretend kitchen. Notice that I'm holding on to the basketball. Real men do dishes.

I found this pretend muffin and started saying,"EAT!" and "Mmmm,Mmmm,dood!". After I bit it, I realized that it wasn't real. Bummer!

March 15, 2007

My new way to play basketball. When the ball goes through and drops on the floor, I tell Mommy,"Get it."

March 8, 2007

Be afraid, be VERY afraid! This is my tough guy face.

March 3, 2007

Party Time!!

A couple of weeks ago, we hosted an engagement party for cousin Ed and Christina. Here I am perusing the food table before the guests arrive.
Mimi, Aunt Hattie(Nannie's sister), and me. Hattie and her crew came all the way from Hot Springs.
Uncle Stan at his post at the bar.
Mommy and Daddy at the party.
Heather and Stan.
The whole extended family. Ed and Christina are on the couch next to Daddy.

Whoo-Hoo!! The party's over!!

Junk Food Jack

Oops-Mommy caught me with a popsicle.
Who cares if it dropped on the ground?! I'll eat it anyway.
Definitely a junk food day. This Twinkie is sooooo yummy!