September 30, 2007

Ella's Rough Week

` Ella has had a hard week. She developed an abcess at the spot where her IV in the NICU was. After spending hours in the ER, she finally was admitted and spent 5 nights in the hospital. She had surgery on Thursday and now is feeling much better.

Mommy and Kate hanging out at the hospital.

Surgery Day

After my surgery, all I wanted to do was sleep. The general anesthesia really kicked my booty.
Bandaged like a boxer.

Kate, very confused about what's going on.

Feeling Better

On Friday morning, I was feeling much better. Note the thumbs up.

September 22, 2007

Saturday Ella and Kate Pictures

Ella after her first bath at home.
Ella cozy on Mommy and Daddy's bed.

Sweet Kate.

Ella in a thoughtful mood.

Kate is tired of having her picture taken.

September 19, 2007

Ella Joins the Bauch House

Kate hanging out in her bouncy seat waiting for her sister to come home.

Ella all dressed up in her pink dress to go home.

Where exactly are we going?

Jack checking out baby Ella. He was trying to kiss her tiny feet.

Kate and Ella together for the first time since before they were born.

Mommy and Mimi getting the girls dressed.

Daddy and his girls. They really look tiny when he holds them.

What do you mean she's staying?! I thought I was the only one!!!

September 16, 2007

Jack and Kate

Kate's first bath at home. It went well with little drama.
I love going to Winona, but I was really happy to be home.

Meeting baby Kate for the first time. It went surprisingly well. After a few minutes, I gave her a kiss on the head, nose, and mouth. I also tried really hard to put her bottle in her mouth. But, most of the formula ended up on her forehead, nose, and eyes.

Miss Lizzie came to visit us today. I had to show her my new baby. She brought me a cool glow inthe dark Halloween shirt and my favorite, a ball.

Kate sleeping like big brother does.

Oh Mimi!! Can you believe I have a baby sister?!?!

Baby Ella at the hospital tonight. This look on her face is one we see on Jack's when he doesn't get his way.

September 15, 2007

Kate Comes Home!!

All ready to go home in my pink dress my Mimi gave me. Here I am doing the famous Kate "one-eyed peek."

I look so tiny in my car seat. My big brother weighed over 8 lbs when he was born, so Mommy and Daddy were not used to such a small baby.

Me and my Daddy!

Pretty in pink. Well, except for the jaundice.

September 13, 2007

Day Of Life Three (or DOLT)

Who's that?!? She's the one that was kicking me? Ella looks different when she's not planting her face in the placenta!

Ella is always wanting more - Jack would be proud!

Kate and one of her nurses

Kate is looking at daddy like he drank all the formula

September 12, 2007


Dad and Jack (Mom is still coming down off the Duramorph pain meds, so she couldn't join our picture) are proud to present the new babies!!!!!!!!!!
The twins were born September 11, 2007

Kate Rosler Bauch 5# 5 oz

Ella Chambless Bauch 4# 1 oz

Kate - the arms behind the head remind me of someone........

Ella pre-fighting weight - 1.829 kg

Kate after another delicious sampling of Similac Advance formula

Ella sleeping...........see you soon