December 27, 2006

On Christmas Eve, G let me open a present from him. What is it......
A container filled with all different kinds of balls. My dream come true.
How many people does it take to put together an 18 month old's Christmas presents?

Merry Christmas

Santa Claus did find me in Winona.
A possible NBA player?
Of all my Christmas presents, don't you know a ball was my favorite.
Look everybody! I got a tricycle from Santa.
Mommy, Aunt Heather, and Lura.
I think Mimi was as excited as I was about my Elmo tool bench.
G is so funny. I had to stop eating and laugh at him.

Christmas Playdate

The morning after Christmas I found a toy that I had not seen on Christmas morning. I worked really hard putting all the animal pieces in the Noah's Ark.
I had a playdate with 2 women at the same time!! They came over and we played with all my new toys in Mimi's studio. This is Murry Catherine.
This is Molly.
Aunt Heather was being silly and riding my new tricycle.
I just had to show her all the balls I got for Christmas.
I finally decided to be sweet and share the coveted ball popper with Murry Catherine. By far, one of my favorite gifts. Thanks, Aunt Pam and Lura!
Murry Catherine and I shared a piece of coconut cake. I am trying desperately to figure out a way to get that spoon out of her mouth.
My best Ray Charles impression.

Today was my last day of vacation in Winona. Here I am with 3 of my favorite things. My soccer balls, my Elmo book about balls, and my Aunt Heather.
This ornament box makes a great place to stand and shout my commands to my people.

December 20, 2006

The Longest Day of my Life

Heather, Mimi, and G came to Memphis yesterday for a marathon shopping day. I found that the display bed in Macy's comes in handy for a little rest.
G took me to play at the play area while the girls were shopping. It was alot more fun than picking out presents.
I met this girl on the slide.
I love this wheel. I'm practicing to be on the Price is Right. I can just hear Bob Barker now,"Spin the wheel, Jack!"
We ended the night at Aunt Jane's house where we opened some presents, so the night ended on a high note. I didn't get to bed until 9:30. You can imagine the mood I was in.

December 18, 2006

Mommy and I saw this reindeer on a bench while shopping in Collierville today. I said Ho Ho Ho! to it but it didn't talk back.
This is why Mommy doesn't ask Daddy to dress me. I look like a British golfer.

Sick Boy

I was feeling pretty crummy over the weekend. Another ear infection in both ears which bought me 3 Rocephin shots and a referral to ENT. But, as always, a ball makes me feel better. In this case, a Texas national championship football.

December 11, 2006

While Mommy cleaned the house after the Christmas party, Daddy and I had some quality time at Shelby Farms.

Me, Daddy, and Dr. Tim at our Christmas party. I was yelling because I was taken away from the food table before I could consume my 6th chocolate chip cookie.

The Great Styrofoam Peanut Explosion

What in the world is this???
My goal is to empty the entire box on to the floor.
Boy, was that fun!!
Here, Mommy. Want some?

December 3, 2006

I love looking at my Christmas tree. Well, actually I like looking at it AND taking all the ornaments off of it.
Today Mommy was trying very hard to clean up the house. Unfortunately, I was trying very hard to mess it up.

December 1, 2006

Tonight was the night that we put up our Christmas tree. Mommy thinks she has to document every occasion with pictures. I don't think so.
Oh well, guess I'll smile.
This is the ornament I picked to put on the tree.
Daddy and I put the first ornament on the tree.

November 26, 2006

Turkey Day

Sometimes I don't sleep well away from my own bed. I was up most of the night Wednesday so I was sleepy Thanksgiving morning. I could think of nothing better than to snuggle in Aunt Heather's lap and watch the Macy's parade.
This is what I did when everyone else was having Thanksgiving dinner.
As always, no day is complete without playing with a ball.

Mommy wanted a picture of the two of us. As you can see, I wasn't too keen on the idea.
My Aunt Pam brought me this Santa cookie. She always brings me fun things to eat-cookies, doughnuts, cotton candy. She mentioned something about payback from when Mommy used to babysit Lura.
I thought I'd help Mimi by rearranging her magazines.

Today was a pretty day so we did my favorite thing-playing outside with my ball. Here I scream with excitement.
Brooke came to play too. I just love her!! I'm getting ready to move in for a kiss.
Daddy really needs to rake our yard. The leaves are so deep that you can only see half of me!
Brooke creates a mini tornado of leaves. I thought that was cool.
What is this thing that Daddy has given to me?
I thought it was food but it's just a crayon.