March 29, 2009

Crazy Kate. She usually is carrying around some random things at all times-a takeout menu, business card, dog collar-just whatever she sees, in addition to ever present stinky sheep.

The girls have really started to play with each other now. What one does, the other usually follows-good or bad. They are big into their baby dolls right now. 

March 21, 2009




Mommy and her Girls

Stephen heard Kate chatting away in the hall and this is what he found-Kate with her 2 purses filled with Tylenol, bows, and a set of keys. We are in some serious trouble when she's a teenager.

Our Day With Heather

Heather came and spent the day with us yesterday. It was a beautiful day-we had fun playing outside, riding bikes, blowing bubbles, and, of course, taking a trip to the new Target. Kate was Heather's shadow and loved sitting next to her on the curb watching Jack ride his bike in the cove.

Riding his bike. Yes, he's helmet-less. We're working on that.

Kate enjoying some sidewalk chalk.

The girls and Heather.

March 18, 2009

Baby Ballerina

When my mom ordered the recital costumes, she got one for Ella and one for Kate. These are the ones the 3 year old class will wear. The girls will hopefully make their first appearance in the Susan Allen School of Dance recital in April. If they are in good moods they will go out on stage during the grand finale. Kate will not have a problem with it-she obviously loved being in her costume(and us telling her how pretty she looked!) Ella, we'll see. When we went to Winona last week, I couldn't help but think how proud Nannie would be of her great-granddaughters. She LOVED dance and was active in the studio right up until she got sick. She would be so happy to see how my little girls loved being in the studio. She was a great teacher and a great lady. When I find myself wishing that she could be here to see my girls grow up, I remind myself that she is seeing them grow and probably had a few words with them before they came to me. :) 

Pouty ballerina.

Ella was not as excited as Kate was.

March 17, 2009

Future Guest on Oprah?

I'm afraid that Kate may be the topic of discussion one day on Oprah as one of those hoarders that have 5,000 cans of tuna stacked in their house. Today she has been walking around with a pink hippo, 2 puzzle pieces, and 3 Clipos blocks and has not put them down, even to eat lunch. Oprah, here we come!

March 16, 2009

Spring Break in Winona

The kids and I went to Winona for a couple of days last week. It wasn't long enough but we had fun. The girls had fun hanging out in the studio and Jack loved playing golf with G at the country club.

Jack trying to help or harm his sister. I'm not really sure which one.

Kate and the dancing girls. She LOVED being in the studio with all the girls and even did a little dancing herself. Ella liked it too after she had a nap.

The girls enjoying a push-up.

Kate on the big girl slide.