May 31, 2007


You mean I can really eat a cupcake for breakfast?!
I was trying to blow out the candle.


A couple of weeks ago I spent the weekend in Winona. Mommy is just now getting these pictures up.

A friend of ours came over with her twins. I screamed if my Aunt Heather or my mommy held one of the babies. Eventually, I sat by Heather to show that baby who rules the roost. Hopefully, I'll like my own twin sisters a little better.

Taking a nap with my girlfriend Lura.

May 23, 2007

Aunt Heather wanted some pictures of my new haircut. So, here they are Heather.

A close up-can you see the little cut on my chin? That's where I fell last night and my tooth went through my lip. I have a big gash on the inside of my lower lip. It's pretty yucky looking.

Watching for the garbage truck-one of my favorite activities on Wednesday morning.

May 15, 2007

On Sunday after brunch I played outside. Since we don't have a pool, I picked the next best thing-a water hose.
All this playing makes a boy thirsty.

I helped Mommy out and watered her ferns.

I tricked my Daddy by coming up on the porch and sitting in his lap, so he thought I was finished playing in the water. Then I rippped off my diaper and made a run for the driveway.

May 12, 2007

Baby Sister Pictures

Baby C with her hands curled up under her chin.
Baby B. See her sweet little hand?

Baby B. Evidently, I always had my arms up like this on my ultrasounds.

The babies facing each other. Aren't they sweet?

Bauch Boys Go to Canada

Daddy said I didn't mind being buckled into the seat belt. I had gotten up early and needed a little nap.

Uncle Chris and I enjoy some Dr. Seuss.

I miss Mommy.Can we call her now?

My sweet cousin Jaya. Mommy thinks she looks like Uncle Chris, but with Aunt Madhur's smile.

Toys weren't this cool when I was growing up.

What's that she's eating and can I have some??

This bed feels so good after a long day of playing.

Daddy,me, Uncle Chris, Aunt Madhur, and Jaya on our last morning in Guelph.

Daddy and I found this cool play area at the Buffalo airport. All the toys were Fisher-Price. They must have donated some big bucks.

Think I can drive this car home to Mommy?

I'm almost home!

Taking a little nap before I get to see my Mommy. I took my shoes and socks off to get more comfortable.