May 21, 2010

Spring Program and Preschool Graduation

Jack had his spring program and graduation last night. His classroom is the monkey room. They sang "Hey Hey We're The Monkeys." I was so proud of my little hippie.

Singing with sign language.

My precious little boy in his cap and gown.
Jack with Mimi and G.
Jack and his friend Will.

Jack and his teacher Miss Sheryl.

May 18, 2010

Our Downtown Adventure

Saturday we went downtown by the river and played. There was a giant hill to run down and water to throw sticks in. What more can you want?

Kate was in heaven in the clover patch.

Nothing beats a treat from the ice cream man.

Finishing up the day by riding on the "charlie." That's Jack-speak for trolley.

May 14, 2010

I'd Like For You to Meet Someone

We'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our family. Baby Bauch #4 is on the way! I've had 3 ultrasounds and everything is right on track. The baby will make his/her appearance sometime around November 17th. We are so excited and so thankful that everything is progressing normally. We can't wait to meet our newest blessing.

Dance Recital

The whole crew celebrating Lura's senior recital.

My Beautiful Ballerinas

My beautiful ballerinas. Unfortunately, they didn't want to go on the stage. Kate was all set to until she saw the bright lights and all the people. Ella wasn't really feeling it from the beginning.

Harding Family Picnic

Jack and his teacher Miss Sheryl.

May 5, 2010

Jack the Genius

Displaying his letters.

Making Cookies at Mimi's

Jack won some kind of cookie making kit so the kids made them while we were at Mimi's house. They were the worst tasting cookies ever.

I was looking for Jack and couldn't find him when I finally saw a little foot sticking out from the curtain.
Enjoying a lunchable in private.

Jumping In Puddles

One way to see the TV better.