December 31, 2007

Note to Pam: Same number of pictures and look who's first!! :)

A Meeting of the Minds

December 28, 2007

Christmas in Winona

Jack giving Ella a little love.

The girls trying out their new Bumbo seats.

Sweet little Ella.

Ella and Kate all dressed in their Christmas dresses on Sunday.

Kate looking cute in her Christmas outfit.

Christmas Eve at Mimi's.

Reindeer food for Rudolph.

Merry Christmas!!

The first thing I spotted on Christmas morning were the bathtub crayons in my stocking.
Another ball!!!

Santa left me some stickers in my stocking.

Heather and Stan gave me this super cool trampoline.

Now what do I open?

Putting money in my piggy bank. Daddy told me to guard it with my life because Mommy may try to rob it to fund her shopping habit.

What is it Uncle Stan?!?!

Yay!! It's a Caillou DVD.

My new golf cart has tees in it just like G's.

Teeing up on hole #1.

New Bunny Hat

Kate modeling her new bunny hat.

Computer Concentration

Jack has these faces he makes when he's concentrating really hard playing with his computer. We happened to catch them on camera.

Christmas Program at School

Here I am ready for my Christmas program at school. We wore Christmas pajamas. I did really good and sang all my songs.
Daddy was so proud of me!

Loving my cookies at the Christmas party.

Me and one of my teachers, Miss Kensey.

Kate Has a Silky Too

December 18, 2007

The Many Faces of Kate

Random Tuesday Pictures

The girls looked so cute today that I couldn't resist taking a boatload of pictures!

Ella, Our Little Thumbsucker