July 28, 2007

Blog Hiatus??

Mommy is the person in charge of updating my blog. She may have to put the blog on hold for a while because she is in the hospital right now. My baby sisters are trying to make trouble. Girls!!! I have been in Winona with Mimi, G, Aunt Heather, and Uncle Stan living life as a king. I'll be here until we know how long Mommy will be in the hospital. So until I come home, you may not see my smiling face for a while.

July 16, 2007

Saying my prayers before dinner.

New Big Boy Bed

This is my new big boy bed. I like to play on it but we'll have to see what happens when bedtime comes.
Let's see how this bed jumps.

Fuzzy, but cute nonetheless.

July 7, 2007

This is how Mommy found me the other night. I'm probably dreaming of balls.

Weekend at Rodgers Bed & Breakfast

Mommy and I went to Winona last weekend while Daddy was in Charleston. We stayed at Aunt Heather's house. I'm waiting for Stan to come in from mowing the yard so we can play. We had more fun than Daddy did on his trip, but don't tell himI said so.
I got these really cool stars on a stick. Aunt Heather and Uncle Stan had to put on their sunglasses so I wouldn't poke their eyes out.
Uncle Stan and I chased each other around and around the house. That's him in hot pursuit behind me.

Happy Fourth of July!!

We went out to Germantown again this year for the fireworks. It was fun!

I look like I'm up to no good don't I?
Look at that Mommy! I wasn't scared of the fireworks this year. I guess that means I'm a big boy.