July 31, 2006

Visit with a (former) Vice President

We went to Davis Kidd today where Al Gore was signing his book. While Mommy and Daddy certainly do NOT share his political views, it was interesting to see him up close. Besides, Mommy thinks he's kinda cute.
Mommy and me talking to Al. She grew up next door to Al's sister's husband's brother in Winona. Confusing enough?

July 25, 2006

More Orange Beach

Standing in the surf.
Mommy and Daddy on the beach. Note the extreme sunburn on both of them. That's what happens when lily-white skin is exposed to the sun.
Aunt Heather and Uncle Stan. I loved hanging out with them. They are two of my VERY favorite people.
On the last day of our vacation, Daddy took me down to the beach to take some pictures.
Digging in the sand is fun!

This is my mommy's very favorite picture of me.

July 24, 2006

Family Vacation

For a few minutes I thought this was the Gulf. But then I realized that it was only the sink. We went to Orange Beach with Mimi, G, Uncle Stan, and Aunt Heather this past week. We had a great time.
With Aunt Heather out in the Gulf. I absolutely loved the water.
Having a little snack before going out again.
We went on a dolphin cruise Friday night. I was NOT happy when they made me wear this stupid life vest. I believe this look says it all.
One of the dolphins we spotted. The driver of the boat was an old man who talked a LOT! He used the words "cracker" and "rascal" alot to describe the people who drove their boats fast where they weren't supposed to.
Family picture. Check out my new Hawaiian shirt. Cute, huh? I slept through most of the cruise and missed out on all the fun.

July 15, 2006

Daddy came home with some cherry flavored tongue depressors that I found very tasty. Dr. Karin and Dr. Jennifer told him about them. I hope he'll bring me some more.
This is my friend Lauren Treglown. We went to see her today. Mommy and Daddy have known her since she was my age. We sat in her wagon with her kittens. I had never seen a baby kitty before.
Lauren said that I could have this kitty. I think his name is Flubber.
Mommy, can I keep him?

July 8, 2006

After a good night's sleep, I woke up in a great mood this morning.
Since my silky has to go everywhere with me, I found a new way to hold it while my hands are not available.

July 7, 2006

I'm just starting to learn how to push and walk behind my toys. I tried out my bubble mower today.
After a busy day that included a visit from Aunt Heather and Pam, a long lunch at Yia Yia's and a wreck(some lady ran into the back of us), I was more than ready to go to bed.

July 5, 2006

Happy 4th!!

Last night for the 4th, we went to dinner with Kent and his parents, then went to Germantown for some fireworks in the park. It was alot of fun. Kent and I shared a pizza at Macaroni Grill. We both acted very nice.
It was way past my bedtime and I was getting a little cranky. But my paci and my silky helped a lot.
This is how I felt about the fireworks at first.
Then I sat in Mommy's lap and I actually liked watching them.


I love to pick up blocks, hold them in the air, and talk really loud. It's kind of like I'm giving a sermon. My Aunt Heather says that I'm going to be a ministainer like Joey on Friends was.

July 2, 2006

Feeling a Little Better

By this afternoon I seemed to feel a little better. Here I give Mommy my best fake camera smile.

Only Smile of the Weekend

Mommy and I went to Winona for Mimi and G's block party Friday night. I really didn't feel well and wasn't in the best of moods. Here Aunt Heather is being goofy and making me laugh.

Sick Boy

This is my "don't mess with me" face. I'm sick and have had high fever and an upset tummy. It's no fun.