September 30, 2005

My first time in my highchair.
My mom got me an exersaucer-It is SO COOL!!
Now, how does this thing work???

September 26, 2005

Jack's Texas Trip-Part 3

I met my Aunt Kirsten for the first time while in Austin. I liked her a lot. She gave me food so I REALLY liked her!
Daddy and me in front of the tower at University of Texas. He says one day I'll go to school there too. He'll have to discuss that with Mimi and Aunt Heather since they want me to go to Ole Miss.
My cousin Audrey.
I hadn't seen Opa since I was 2 days old. We had some quality time on the deck at the lake.
My first trip to the beach. I was still sleepy from the car ride.
Dipping my toes in the Gulf for the first time. Mom was worried that a fish was going to bite me. How silly!
Three generations of Bauch boys.
Here we are on the beach. I wasn't very happy because the sun was in my eyes.
We went to the Ocean Grill in Galveston-one of mom and dad's favorite places to eat. I liked looking out the window at the water.
Please Mom, no more pictures!

September 21, 2005

Jack's Texas Trip-Part 2

I loved to look at the pool but I did not like to be in it. It wasn't as warm and toasty as my bath is.
Daddy and me on Thomas and Genifer's patio.
I thought the Riverwalk was pretty neat. I loved all the lights. But I did not like the heat!

Having some breakfast in the hotel in San Antonio. Cereal tastes yummy wherever I am.
I needed a nap after a LONG day of shopping at the outlet mall with my mom.

September 19, 2005

Jack's Texas Trip-Part 1

Here we are at the big Texas statue in Texarkana. Little did I know that there would be more driving ahead.
I was so happy to get out of my car seat!
My daddy and me at his medical school in Dallas.
I love my new Longhorns cap!
When we were in Fort Worth, we ate dinner at the famous Joe T's. As you can see, I was not impressed.

This is my mom and dad's friend Genifer. I liked to stare at her because I thought she was pretty. That's her son Jack. To eliminate confusion with two Jacks, they called him Big Jack and me Baby Jack.

September 5, 2005

A big day today-I had my first taste of rice cereal.

Eating is a messy, messy job.
A big meal always makes me sleepy.

September 4, 2005

My first trip in my big boy carseat.
This is my Aunt Heather. I love her sooo much. While we were in Winona, we went to see Henrietta play the piano.She used to play at what was Pat O'briens in what was New Orleans. I didn't care for it very much. It was too loud for a little guy like me.
Move over duckie-this is my territory!
This is my friend Lura. My mom used to babysit her all the time hen she was a baby. Now she's 13. My mommy says that makes her feel really old.
I recently discovered my thumb. I think it's better than my pacifier.
After a busy day of entertaining everyone, I took a nap on Mimi's front porch.

September 1, 2005

Yep, I know I'm cute!
Now that I'm older and wiser, I really like playing with my gym.
I just realized that my favorite show-So You Think You Can Dance-isn't on tonight.