February 25, 2009

The girls sitting at the table that was my cousin's years ago. I sat at that table many, many times when I was a little girl.

Ella, the monkey. She loves to climb, especially onto tables. 

Kate the nudist enjoying a ride on Jack's dump truck.

February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day, Honey!

I have kidnapped one post on the blog to tell my wife:  I (kids, too) love you - Stephen and demolition crew.
P.S.  Happy 5th Anniversary in 1 week! 

February 9, 2009

Chloe the Wonder Cat

This is Chloe. She somehow got out of our house about 7 weeks ago. We looked and looked and couldn't find her anywhere. Until Saturday. She showed up in our backyard. Who knows where she had been. Somehow this declawed house cat survived-badly dehydrated, about 4 lbs lighter and with an eye infection but she's still kickin'.

February 4, 2009

Kate the Stripper

Yesterday after the girls' morning nap, I walked in and found Kate completely naked. Clothes and diaper off. Thank goodness she hadn't left any presents in the crib. I think we may have to resort to using duct tape on her diaper.

Trying to put her pants back on.

Kate, so proud of herself.

Jack loves to play with his sisters now. Thank goodness! That's been a long time coming! Please excuse Jack's nakedness. That seems to be his favorite state.

Random Pics

February 3, 2009

"It's a Dood Day for the Zoo."

It's been awhile since we saw a sky this blue!
Throwing"monies" in the fountain.
Jack LOVES snakes!

The girls had never been out of their stroller at the zoo. We let them run free and it was torture getting them back in the stroller.

On the loose.
Trying to climb like the big kids.
Ella's famous pick-me-up pose. We see this a LOT.
This was the scene shortly after we left the zoo.