January 19, 2011

Reed-3 Months

I can't believe my baby is 3 months old!! Time has flown. He has changed so much so fast and I'm afraid if I don't write stuff down, I'll never remember it!  Reed weighs about 12 pounds. He has gotten the cutest little rolls on his thighs and is starting to get them on his arms. Quite the change from the skinny little chicken legs and arms he had for so long! This makes mommy happy-means I'm doing something right! He wears a size 1 diaper but we're going to bump up to a 2 when we buy next. He now wears 3-6 month clothes. He smiles all the time now and is starting to coo alot more. He especially loves when his big brother talks to him.  He has great head/neck control, likes to sit in his bouncy seat and watch all the action. Not a big fan of tummy time though. But what he really prefers is to be held. A lot. I've ordered a mei tai sling just so I can get things done around the house and he can be next to me.

Reed is just the sweetest little boy and we are so blessed to have him in our lives!
Almost a smile.
Sweet smiling boy!
Two months old.
One month old.

January 9, 2011


So I finally did it!! I had been wanting to cut Kate's hair for a while now. Last week I finally did it. I love this precious little bob and the giant bows-the bigger the better!! Our nanny Jessica taught her how to say  "fab-u-lous" when asked what kind of hair she has. Pretty funny to hear her say it.

She still has the darn sheep.

January 8, 2011

Sweet Brothers

Jack absolutely adores his baby brother. Quite an improvement from when I was pregnant and he didn't even want to talk about Reed! He loves to hold him, makes up lullabies for him and he is the first person he wants to see when he gets home from school. Reed is so lucky to have such a great big brother!!

January 6, 2011

Christmas Eve

Mimi and G with all the babies!
He may have a monster on his longall, but he is the sweetest boy ever!!
The cousins- Edward, Heather, me and Derek. We spent almost every Christmas together when we were growing up so it was so nice to see them this Christmas.
Kate and her Uncle Stan. She absolutely worships him!
 The crew in front of one of the trees. 
Heather and the kiddos put out the reindeer food.

January 4, 2011

Sweet Smiles in Smocking

The girls I worked with at St. Jude before Jack was even thought of must have heard me say a million times, "I'm not having any stinkin' boy. And if I do, I CERTAINLY wouldn't ever let him wear smocking!!" Well, now I have two sweet boys that I love to pieces and yes they both wore/wear smocking!! Reed probably will for awhile. He's my last so I'll probably keep him in it for longer much to my husband's chagrin. He really has started smiling and cooing alot lately. Stephen happened to catch these on his phone.
His best Elvis impersonation.
Love this sweet boy!!

January 2, 2011

Christmas Morning-Santa Claus Came!!

Christmas morning, Jack woke up about 7:30. The girls didn't get up until about 8:15. We knew better than to wake up a certain little girl before she was ready so we just let them sleep. Jack was so patient and waited on his sisters to get up. Santa put all the toys in the studio because it would have been a little crowded in the living room with toys for all 4. The bikes and the pillow pets we the biggest hit. I didn't get many pictures of Jack at all because he was way too busy with all his stuff. It was a great Christmas!!
All 3 with their bikes.
Of course, Snow White and Cinderella two of the favorites.
Easy Bake oven!!