January 31, 2006

Learning to drink from a cup is fun!

January 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Today was Daddy's birthday. We spent part of the day at Shelby Farms having a picnic and strolling around the lake.

My First Toothbrush!

Today Mommy brushed my tooth for the first time. Well, not exactly a tooth but the little pointy edges of one. I rather liked it.

January 28, 2006

While we were in Winona last week Daddy let me have some chocolate icing. It was so yummy!!
This is my Nannie. I love her very much. She's pretty sick right now. I'm praying that she gets better really soon!
I have my third ear infection and I'm cutting my first tooth so it's been a crummy week. Chewing on a frozen bagel helps a little bit.

January 17, 2006

Mommy says that every Southern baby must have at least one monogrammed outfit.
Finally! I gained control of the remote. Now if I could just get Oprah off and Baby Einstein on!
I got to see my first snow today! You can't see it in the picture though. I thought it was so cool. I laughed at all the snowflakes that fell on me. Mommy was there and had to take the picture and hold me too. That's the reason for the extreme close-up.
We went furniture shopping on Sunday. Good thing I brought something to read because it was boring!!

January 13, 2006

Just hanging out on Mommy and Daddy's bed.
I'm learning how to pull up on my crib rails.How cool is that??
This is what happens when Mommy holds me and I don't have a diaper on. I warned her!!

January 10, 2006

Mommy and I have done some serious practicing on my crawling skills. Doesn't she realize that once I start crawling she's gonna wonder why she was in such a hurry for me to do it?!
I'm up on all fours-now what?
After 2 ear infections and a cold that's lasted a month, I'm finally starting to feel better. Here, I remember how much fun it is to eat.

January 9, 2006

NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (updated by dad)

Daddy, Mommy, and I watched our Longhorns win the national championship late at night! I've just got here and we've won it all! What is this sign dad's making.......................

My main man, Vince Young!

And this is the juke move I patented that Vince used on 4th and 5 to score the winning TD...........

........whoa!! Too much Texas beer during the game. Thanks, Mom!

Wait! What!What!What!.....Vince is going pro?????? Come back to Texas, VY!

That's OK, Coach Mack- I can still redshirt next year!

January 4, 2006


I woke up tonight with a coughing fit just in time to see the Longhorns beat those stinky Trojans and become the national champions. I must say it was exciting. That Vince Young is pretty incredible. Mommy wanted to capture the moment, but the battery on the camera is dead and she left the charger in Winona. Oh well, there's always next year. GO TEXAS!!!!

January 1, 2006


I greeted 2006 with a fever of 102. This is my evil "go away fever" face. It certainly has not affected my ability to eat.
Maybe if I lick the bowl I'll find more cereal.