November 26, 2005

I chose the day before Thanksgiving to learn to sit up on my own. Although Mommy is close by, she's not helping me. I promise!
Thanksgiving day started with some yummy cereal.
Mom, It's the wrong holiday! Turkeys don't wear antlers!!
I loved playing the piano with Mimi and G. Although I loved listening, my favorite part was banging on the keys.
My toys are more fun to play with now that I'm upright!
I got to see Lura again on Thanksgiving day. Isn't she pretty?
Meeting a new friend, Murry Catherine.
Now that I can sit up, I get to take a bath in this cool new seat!

November 20, 2005

Daddy and me.
I saw my friend Kent last night. We hadn't seen each other since we were tiny babies. After a few minutes, we both realized we weren't looking in a mirror at ourselves but at another little boy.
Kent's LSU Tigers stomped my Ole Miss Rebels.

November 8, 2005

Jack's First Canada Trip

We celebrated Aunt Heather's birthday a little early the night before we left for Canada.
On an airplane for the first time.
All of us at the falls. We had so much fun!
In front of Niagra Falls with a pretty rainbow in the background. I slept almost the whole time we were there.
On the bench in Niagra Falls where Mommy and Daddy got engaged.
Just me being cute!
Me, Mommy, and Aunt Heather. At this point, Heather's fingers were digging into Mommy's neck because she was scared.
Mommy and me on the glass floor. I loved looking at the cars and people below me.
Aunt Heather being brave by standing on the glass floor with Daddy.
Sitting on Daddy's shoulders with the CN Tower in Toronto in the background.
On Friday, Mommy, Aunt Heather, Mimi, and I went to Niagra-on-the-Lake. Here I am made to try on a ridiculous Santa Claus hat. I showed my displeasure by not smiling for the picture.
Me, Mommy, and Daddy before the wedding.
Me on the horse with Uncle Chris as he gets ready to make his grand entrance. As you can see, I was asleep and do not remember my first horse riding experience.
Mommy and Aunt Kirsten at the wedding reception.
My Uncle Chris and my new Aunt Madhur!!