June 29, 2012

Beach Day 2

We headed to the beach early in the morning on Thursday. It was so beautiful! There was a giant tide pool that Reed loved to play in. Jack was all about jumping the waves, Kate loved looking for shells, and Ella loved trying to dig giant holes.

Mimi, G, Heather, Stan, and Gaines joined us that afternoon. We played in the pool for a while then the girls, Stan and Heather and Stephen and me all went to The Steamer for dinner. So yummy!

June 26, 2012

Orange Beach Day 1

After a lot of driving, we finally made it to the beach. We headed down right away. All 4 loved it! Even Reed who is terrified of the bath tub these days and Kate who one never knows what she will like. The water was a little rough but it was beautiful!l

June 20, 2012

Summer So Far

We have been having a great time since school got out. Lots of swimming, playing outside, and picnics. We're headed down to Orange Beach today for a few days. Usually I HATE summer but since I've lost 100 pounds I don't dread it near as much. I'm actually looking forward to going to the pool and being outside with the kids. Never thought that would happen!

June 19, 2012

First Grade Here We Come!

Jack has finished kindergarten! He had a great year with Miss Tracy. We're moving to Riverdale next year. We'll miss Harding so much but he's looking forward to new friends and a really cool playground!

June 18, 2012

Last Day of Preschool

The girls had such a wonderful year at Germantown Pres. Preschool! Miss Libby and Miss Robin were wonderful and we'll miss them next year. We are going to split the girls up next year for Pre-K. They don't know it yet, but I think they'll be fine. It's me that will be worried about it!

Ella W. is the girls' best friend. Since we're splitting the girls up, only one will be in her class. Somebody won't be happy.....

Ready For The Pool

June 10, 2012

Sweet Baby Gaines

Love my precious little nephew!

June 8, 2012

Recital Time!

Last weekend was the girls' 4th recital. They were so excited to dance on the big stage again. They danced so well and made me so proud! I didn't get any pics of them onstage because I was too busy watching. I hope they love dancing as much as I did and that we have many more recitals in our future!!