October 31, 2007

Uncle Stan and Aunt Heather after Aunt Jane's wedding. I even got to go and sat so quietly like a big boy. Afterwards, we went to Winona for the weekend. I had to show my sisters the ropes. Although I'm not so sure about sharing my"Nona" with them.
Mom, please quit taking my picture with my mouth full.

Lura with Ella.

After dinner Aunt Heather made me wash the dishes to "earn my keep" she says. I did not find that amusing.

October 30, 2007

Me and my friend Murry Catherine. That's Aunt Heather hiding behind me. I wouldn't take a picture without her.
I really wanted to drive G's golf cart but evidently you must have some sort of license.

I stole Daddy's Diet Coke and would not give it back.

Jack and the "tuntin" he and Daddy carved.

Baby Ella.

Jack loving on Baby Kate.

October 25, 2007

More Ella and Kate

Some pictures of the girls in the dresses that our neighbor Lawre Nell made for them.
Kate, the serious one, deep in thought.

A little smile from Ella.

October 16, 2007

The twins had some pcitures done and they are online (until Thursday) at michelleeastphotography.com. Go to client viewing and the password is BAUCH.
These are professional - much like the Jackinator at a kickball party!

Daddy and Me

Together Again

After Ella's second stay at LeBonheur, Kate was very happy to have her sister back.

Our first trip in our cool pink stroller.

Bow Head Ella

This is Ella's first bow. It's the kind that has to be glued in since she has no hair.

My Uncle Stan and me. I love him so much. We always have a good time wrestling.

One Big Happy Family?!?!

Our attempt at a family picture. The only happy ones were Mommy and Daddy.

Jack's School Project

This is my "me" doll that we made for school. My shirt has my favorite balls on it, I have a crayon in my hand since I love drawing, and a picture of my baby sisters in the other. Really my daddy helped me the most. Mommy said she had no idea she married such a crafty man.

October 7, 2007


Jack has been in an especially loving mood toward his sisters-we're hoping this lasts for a little while. This morning he got up saying, "Hold my baa-bies." So we obliged. Kate and Ella weren't so sure about the holding thing, but Jack was so proud. He just kept saying, "My baa-bies."

Jack and Ella.

Kate and Ella

October 3, 2007

Daddy taught me a new trick-much to Mommy's dismay. It's called see-food. Mommy says it's rude but Daddy and I think it's funny.

Sleeping Beauty

Please don't wake me up for school. I ended up in Mommy and Daddy's bed last night and was so cozy this morning.

October 2, 2007

"Tate and El-lah!"

That's what our brother calls us. After a crazy morning of Mommy trying to get both of us fed and changed, we settled in for a nap. Aunt Heather gave us our monogrammed onesies. A Southern girl can't have too many monogrammed things.

October 1, 2007

Daddy and Jack Day

Daddy and I went to the fair on Sunday. We walked around and looked at all the sights. It was fun to be with Daddy by myself without the twins.
Enjoying a funnel cake. We ate alot at the fair. I really liked looking at all the big people rides.

Picking up ducks to win a prize . Basically, Daddy had to pay 5 dollars for me to pick up 2 ducks and win a cheaply made stuffed frog. But, I was excited.

Daddy with his brood.

Baby Kate.

Sweet sisters. They started their nap on opposite sides of the crib and ended up like this.