March 27, 2006

Me with the remains of what was a sweet potato today at lunch. It was yummy!
Here I am all stretched out on the way home from Jennifer's wedding on Saturday night. It was WAY past my bedtime. Notice that I am facing the front in my car seat.

March 23, 2006

Naked baby shot. Here again is my new cheesy grin.
Brushing my teeth. Mommy didn't tell me that it was the wrong end of the toothbrush.
Don't come near me or I'll hit you with my sword!

March 19, 2006

Germany, Continued

A nap on Oma's couch before heading to Stuttgart.
After a long day in the city, I had Isomil while Mommy had wine.
The town of Waiblingen, Germany. Isn't it cute?
Riding a big stone elephant in town. Why don't we have one of these in Memphis??
Daddy and me in Waiblingen where Oma lives.
Mommy and me at the same spot.
Finally on the way home to Memphis!

March 16, 2006

What a cute little German!!
Having a little drink. Note the Julius Ceasar bangs. The haircut Mommy got me is a VERY sore subject with Mimi. Apparently, the curl at the front of my head was cut off.
At breakfast at Blue Plate today, I helped myself to Daddy's pancakes.
Mimi and G bought a carseat for their car today. We tried it out in the store first. Obviously, I wasn't bothered.
I've started this new nose wrinkling thing. Mommy's not really sure what it means. Maybe it's my way of flirting or maybe I smell something!?

March 14, 2006

Daddy and a large boar statue. Not sure what the meaning of the pig monument is.
I had to have my diaper changed in the windowsill at Hofbrahaus. NO bathroom in Germany has a baby changing table, much to my mom's dismay. I didn't mind the window too much.
Daddy would not share his beer at the Hofbrahaus. So I tried to drink a little when he wasn't watching.
Mommy with a large beer drinking lion.
Mommy and me.
Daddy and me in front of the Glockenspiel in Munich. As you can see, there was lots of snow.
On the train to Munich. It was a beautiful ride there. Well, that's what Daddy said. Mommy and I slept almost the whole way there.
Riding a mechanical horse in Stuttgart. All I needed was a cowboy hat and spurs!
With Uncle Stefan and his family. The girl holding me, Manuela, cousin Fabian's girlfriend, is my new love.

March 13, 2006

Jack's Germany Adventure

After a long flight, a stretch of the legs is a must!
Between flights, Mommy and I both took a nap.
After our layover in Amsterdam, Daddy and I were both happy to get on the plane and get to Germany.
I met Oma for the first time. She speaks no English so I heard German a lot.
This sign says "Doctor Parking Only" in German,
On the day that we went into Waiblingen it started to snow pretty hard. Mommy bought this plastic contraption to cover my stroller. It kept me warm and dry, but I felt shrinkwrapped.
I thought that rolling an orange back and forth to Oma was great fun!!
The view from the restaurant parking lot. Those stick looking things on the hills are grape plants (or bushes or whatever you call them).
Standing in the snow in Korb, Germany after lunch with all the family.

No pictures please. Trying on sunglasses at Old Navy.

March 12, 2006

I finally got to meet Molly when we were both awake. I really thought she was pretty. She walks and everything (she's an older woman). Mommy and Daddy's only rules were that we were to keep our diapers on.
I made a pass at Molly and she didn't appreciate it.
One of my new favorite things to do is make motorboat noises with my mouth. The camera caught me mid-blow here.
Closely inspecting the flowers in Aunt Heather's yard.
When we got home tonight, Daddy sat me in my crib like always to get stuff out of the car. When he came back, this is how he found me. The first time I've pulled up to my feet. Needless to say, Daddy lowered my mattress tonight!