March 5, 2008

Ella and Kate's Baptism

The girls after their baptism. Pay no attention to Mommy's frizzy hair.
Jack and Murry Catherine hanging out.
The Bauch clan plus Chris, Kirsten's boyfriend.
Ella and A-Dad. His name is really Astro-Dad because he works at NASA. But we shortened it to A-Dad because when Jack said it it sounded like ass-dad. Didn't think that sounded to nice.
Pam and Kate having a chat. No doubt, Pam is telling Kate all the ways to pay me back from when Lura was a baby. I'm sure there's lots. Love you Pam!!!
Madhur and Jaya hanging out on the swing.
Pam and the babies. Lura had a prior commitment and couldn't be there. We missed you Lura!!
Aunt Heather and the girls.
Jack and MC collaborating on a play-doh project.
Getting ready to take a nap after their big morning.
Playing with the flying disc toy. He's already played one to death.
Jack's girlfriend, sweet little Murry Catherine. She is Heather's best friend Kristen's daughter. She wasn't afraid to hang with the boys.
Jack, Murry Catherine, and Jacob had a great time running and playing together.
Jack had had enough of the festivities. He crashed on the way home. With stitty on his head of course.
Ella and her godparents Chris and Madhur.
Kate and her godmother Kirsten.
Ella and Uncle Chris. I definitely think that Ella favors the Bauch side of the family.

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