September 11, 2009


My babies are 2 years old. My babies are 2. I have to say it twice to actually believe it. Two years ago at 11:02 and 11:03 am we welcomed two tiny little babies into this world. They came out crying and I got a very quick look at them before they were rushed off to the NICU. We knew that would happen since they were born at 34 weeks but I so wanted to hold them right away. Later that afternoon I finally did get to hold them. They were so tiny and fragile looking. Jack had weighed 8 lbs. so I wasn't used to tiny babies. Kate came home after 4 days and Ella after 8 days. The day she came home I was so scared to bring her home (she was only 4 lbs. at discharge) that I kept making excuses as to why we couldn't go pick her up right then. My mom, who was staying with us for a while finally said, "Go bring her home right now!" I called her a little pot roast because she was so little.

It has been a complete joy to watch these little girls grow up. Oh, it was hard in the beginning-there were nights that Stephen and I would pass each other in the hallway each with a baby in our arms on our way to the kitchen for bottles. Sometimes I didn't even know who I had picked up until I got ready to put them back down.

At 2, the girls have developed such a special bond with each other. They take care of each other, make sure whatever one gets the other gets, hug, kiss, and love each other. It's so sweet to watch.

Happy Birthday Kate and Ella. Mommy and Daddy love you both very much!


Kim said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girls! I can't believe they are two!

Aunt Heather said...

Aw. You always make me cry. Happy Birthday to my sweet little nieces! Wish I was celebrating with yall today.

Keith and Jamie said...

happy birthday!!! Two is such a special year...I hope they had a wonderful day!