January 14, 2010

Texas Day 2- Aquarium, Galveston, and Putt Putt

Still sleepy girls.

The penguins the girls were not too fond of.

The girls were "scad" of the fish. Lucky me-I got to carry around 60 lbs of toddler.

When Jack spotted the water he was determined to go to the beach. Even if it was COLD. Two of my children were bound and determined to take off their shoes and socks. If Jack was cold, he would never admit it. Stubborn he is.

This is where Ella stayed. She didn't like the cold sand.

Mommy and sweet Ella.
Teaching Astrodad the finer points of putting.
Evidently, serious golfers can't be interrupted by potty breaks.
No, he wasn't wearing a coat. Yes, it was cold. Yes, I should probably be reported.

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Jamie said...

I love the pictures of everyone at the beach! It always amazes me that no matter how cold...you must take off your shoes at the beach!!! At lest you did not have to worry about being crowded out...