February 15, 2010

Kate and the Candles

You may see Kate one day on Hoarders, that show on A&E. She always has a collection of things with her.


Erika said...

I got your comment on my blog, thanks-the poor dears will be buying straighteners someday like me I'm sure!:)
You kiddos are adorable! I love all of their names:)
Well as you can read from the last couple months (all labeled Operation Big Girl Bed) our transition did not go as smoothly as I'd hoped, BUT it is MUCH better now. I'd suggest the book, (or any book really just to have some guidelines so you don't go into it blind-as you know with twins you have to be prepared or they will outsmart you in a second!) Anyway the book is Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems by Ferber. It is geared towards babies, but there is a helpful section on toddlers, and keeping them in their beds. The Super Nanny method didn't work for us, with the two of them, just got them more riled up and upset. I found that they had to have more motivation in the middle of the night than just "to be a good girl." For them, it's that they can keep the door open if they stay in bed, if not it has to shut...(it's all in that book) etc etc. Now we are on to they can have a small light on when falling asleep if they don't talk (much). This doesn't always work but a reward system that is meaningful sure helps!
Sometimes this all flies out the window and they end up in bed with each other, so who knows!!!!!?
Nice to "meet" you and good luck! Let me know if I can help!


Erika said...

Yep, rest up before you do it:)
We did the rail thingys (got them at Bed bath and beyond pretty reasonable) on a regular set up twin bed. Seemed to work fine, Grace only fell out once at the very beginning and I think it was on purpose!

Hey have you potty trained yet? Now THAT does not sound fun...and honestly I have no idea how. yikes.

Sarah said...

Too funny!