September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Kate and Ella!

My Kate-Kate. She definitely adds life to our house. You never know what you're going to get with her. Ella and Jack ask her when she wakes up in the morning, "Are you happy Kate?" Usually she is, but when she's not, watch out! She can be a little drama queen. When she is happy her whole face lights up. She is such a loving little girl. She adores her Heather, Mimi, and G and is quite the mommy's girl. Adores Cinderella and all of "my princesses." She likes things to be in order. She'll work very hard to arrange the blocks by color or the books by size. She'd eat her weight in grapes if I let her. She is the manners police, always reminding us to say please, thank you, excuse me, and such. Has a precious VERY southern accent. Cake has 8 syllables in Kate language.

Some Kate-isms- "Sleeping Doody" for Sleeping Beauty.

"Air-re-rel"- Ariel

"Moose-kick" - music

"No, no, no- no more kisses Mommy"

Kate, our lives would be so boring without you here. I love that you are so dramatic. You keep me on my toes. I love how you love something or someone with your whole heart and how your face lights up when you see your princesses. I love how you pat me on the arm and say, "I love you Mama." I don't what we'd do without you. I love you to the moon and back.

My sweet little Ella. Such a sweet, gentle little spirit {unless you make her really mad}. Always the caretaker, looking out for her sister. Whatever she gets she makes sure Kate gets it too. She loves Snow White. Loves to pick out her own clothes- her "bue dess", "color dess", and her "fower dess"- notice a pattern? She will not start her day until she has her bow in her hair. Fiercely independent and as tough as nails. She could fall off of a roof and would hop up and say, "I okay." She is our carb queen, and although she loves fruit, not alot of meat passes her lips-except of course chicken nuggets.

Some funny things she says these days- " I really really sorry." Usually said with a great big smile when she's done something to hurt and/or antagonize her brother or sister.

"It's a bootiful day." - Every morning whether it's beautiful or not. :)

"That would be te-ible." Used whenever she thinks something would be terrible-whether it be the house caving in or Chick-fil-a being out nuggets.

"It's just perfec."

Ella, you are a sweet little soul and we can't imagine life without you. You remind me everyday to savor each day whether it be "bootiful" or "te-ible." I love you sweet girl!

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