October 5, 2010

Reed Update

So, apparently I'm growing some sort of gigantic baby. He has measured 2 weeks ahead since 19 weeks. Then he jumped to 3 weeks ahead. Now he is measuring just a couple days shy of 4 weeks ahead. I have gestational diabetes so that could account for some of his bigness, but they say he is just meant to be a big boy as well. Last week we saw my high risk OB Dr. Schneider. I saw about a million times with the twins and hoped I would avoid him this time. No such luck. He did another US and confirmed that he is perfect, just big. So the plan is to most likely do an amnio at 37 weeks to check his lung status and go from there. The countdown is definitely on!!

Love those giant squishy cheeks and big pouty lips. He looks alot like Jack did in his 3D ultrasound. It took me a while to notice that his eye was open.


Candice Duffy said...

4 WEEKS?!?!?! oh my...
I LOVE the ultrasound pic. Isn't it amazing to see them so perfect all squished up in there?!?! It won't be long! Do you still have those shirts? Are you still wanting me to do them? Doesn't sound like you have too much longer til you join the mommy of four club :) You've done twins...you'll do just fine!!!!

Jamie said...

You are so close to the warm, snugglie, squishy, baby love...Oh, how I miss "baby love". I currently have "2yrold love" and it is great, but there is just something about the love and smell of a baby! I am so glad to know things are going well...I will keep you in my prayers.