February 16, 2011

Elephants and Tantrums

It was so pretty on Sunday that we were able to be outside so we went to the zoo-our old standby. 
Reed was awake during part of our zoo visit.
The two amigos.
Watching the elephants. Kate has had a slight obsession with them lately. The keeper was working with them and she was thrilled when the elephant made his "efant noise." She says she wants a "little, tiny, baby one" to live at her house.
The big 3 at the polar bear tank.
Love, love, love this picture of Kate.
The only thing that has ever scared my little daredevil Ella-The polar bear  that came swimming up to the glass.
Kate was mad because we wouldn't carry her. A standoff ensued  between her and Mommy. Mommy won.  :)

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