March 23, 2011

My Girls {With Pictures By Jack}

Having twins really is fun. Sure, it's busy and there were times when they were tiny babies that I was so tired that I didn't even know who I was holding. But it's really fascinating watching them grow up.  They really are each other's best friend. At times they fight like cats and dogs but they love each other.

It's amazing  how different they are-in looks as well as personality. One is all girly girl who loves the color pink and dressing up like a princess and pretending to get married. A little bit of a drama queen who is prone to small freak outs if she gets dirty or sees a bug. Quite the conversationalist, she will talk to anybody!!  She loves dance class and chick fil a.

The other is girly with a little bit of tough girl thrown in for good measure. She is as tough as nails-she could fall off the roof then hop up and say 'I okay!"  A daredevil who has no problem getting dirty, she's also quite attached to her big brother. Real easy going but when she gets mad watch out! Loves to dance, watch cartoons and go to "Chick Way" with Miss Jessica.

Love my sweet girls!

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