June 16, 2011

Reed-8 Months

Reed turned 8 months old today. I can't believe he's getting so big so fast. Seems like just yesterday that we saw his sweet little face for the first time. He is the happiest little baby-he smiles all the time. He's so easygoing. I guess he figures he has to be with 3 brothers and sisters. He has 2 teeth and has decided that eating big people food is more fun than baby food. So far he likes waffles, banana, cheerios, veggie sticks (thanks Jenny for that idea!), and cheese. He has 3-4 bottles a day and has started to get the hang of the cup.  He's becoming more and more mobile and trying so hard to crawl. He's my little angel baby!

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a' la mode said...

soooooo cute! My sweet baby K's middle name is Reed =) xoxo shel