January 14, 2012

Disney Day 1

We took the big 3 to Disney back in October. Reed stayed in Winona with Mimi and G. The first day we hit the ground running, going to Epcot and then going to the Magic Kingdom until about midnight. So much fun! One thing I learned-no matter how old the kids are, you need to rent a cart for them to ride in. It's a whole lot of walking for little legs!

Notice Kate pouting in the background.

Kate adores Cinderella.
Ella.s favorite, Snow White.
We had dinner with the princesses at the Norway pavilion, also known as the home of the $22 hot dog. It was so much fun and the girls were in heaven.
Jack really liked Ariel, even though he won't admit it....
Poor Ella just couldn't hang with the rest of us.
Epcot at night, one of my favorite places.

I think the first day was a success!

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