May 4, 2009

More Texas-Galleria and Golf

Jack was very proud of his muffin at the free breakfast at our hotel.

See that tall tower there? That is the promised land-the Houston Galleria. I make Stephen take me every time we go to Texas. My previous record was 6 hrs. 36 minutes. I didn't quite make it this year with 3 kids in tow.

Jack loved watching the Zamboni. He told me he wanted to put one on his birthday list of things he wanted.

Kate and Ella had had quite enough shopping. Evidently, I have alot of work to do with these two!

One of the places I always wanted to work.

After spending much of the day at the girly Galleria, the men went to play some manly Putt-Putt. Jack was in heaven.

Jack and Astrodad after 42 rounds of Putt-Putt. Not really 42, but close.


Amanda said...

At least you know they enjoy the simple things in life. I'm sure they will grow out of that soon enough.

Heather said...

First off, you will NOT work at that hospital. EVER. Get it out of you mind...haha! Can you tell I don't want you to move to TX?? I love that Jack wants a zamboni for his birthday! You better believe I would buy him one, if I could! Happy Tuesday!

Rachael said...

we went to houston in december + had a lot of fun. we didn't get to do much though because we were there for a wedding. i love the pictures of the girls in the car + playing putt putt. hope you had fun shopping!