December 30, 2009

Catching Up- Thanksgiving in Vicksburg

This year for Thanksgiving the whole crew of us went down to Vicksburg. It has been forever since we've all been together for the holidays and we had a blast. Took the kids to the park, saw the battlefields, ate a huge Thanksgiving dinner, gambled a little, went on a boat ride, and did a little shopping. Couldn't ask for more.

Cousin Ed on the swing.

I think Kate was working on her second dessert in this picture.
As always, Ella cleaning up.
Jack and Heather and lunch.
My sissy and me at the battlefields. That is a HUGE place! We went close to dark and almost got lost.
Ella giving Kate a lesson in how to use the iphone.
Ella and Jack checking out the water through the window. Note the hand at the right. Someone's hand was always on the girls. Ella would have jumped out given the chance. Or climbed up to the top of the boat.
The whole crew!

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Aunt Heather said...

Ashame I'm going to have to kill you for putting that picture of me on the balancy thing! I look like a hungry hippo! Ugh! Otherwise, the update is great.