December 30, 2009

Christmas Day

We had a great Christmas morning at Mimi and G's house. Jack was a little worried that Santa wouldn't be able to find us. After he knew that Santa knows everything he was OK. He was up and SUPER excited at 7:30. We had to wake the girls up though. Kate was a little grumpy but once she saw that Santa had come she forgot about her bad mood. This was the first year that Jack really understood what was going on and loved every minute of Christmas time.

What to look at first?!

Ella went straight to her doll bed.

Kate got her own pizza set!

The little queen crawled in her bed and demanded her helpers hand her all her babies and blankets.

Kate was super serious about her motorcycle riding. I don't think she ever changed her expression.
Ella was sad she didn't get a puppy.
My Daddy, the singing monk in his snuggie.
Jack shot some roman candles with a little help from G. I was a complete nervous wreck but he had a great time.

Kate and her very favorite person, Uncle Stan.
Kate and Lura.

Kate getting dressed in all her finery-courtesy of the Corbans.

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